14:00 / 15.08.2022
“Many expected Komilov’s dismissal” – Activists speak about activity of the courts

Chairman of the Supreme Court Kozimjon Komilov has been the highest-ranking official dismissed following the changes in the presidential administration. According to analysts, it was also caused by the growing dissatisfaction of people with judicial authorities.

Kun.uz held an analytical discussion with the participation of public activists on the latest changes in the judicial system, as well as problems in the system.

Kozimjon Komilov was fired 2 months after being re-elected to the position of Chairman of the Supreme Court. Now he is a judge at the Constitutional Court.

So, why was Komilov appointed to the Supreme Court chairmanship two months ago, and why was he fired again on August 10?

If this is due to Komilov’s health problems, as it is officially said, how can he be a judge of the Constitutional Court, which is higher in terms of prestige than the Supreme Court?

What about the people, why are there so many objections and protests against the work of the courts?

Kun.uz correspondent conducted an interview with the participation of Deputy of the Legislative Chamber Rasul Kusherbayev, Chairman of Human Rights “Ezgulik” Society Abdurakhmon Tashanov and lawyer Jakhongir Mutalipov, to analyze the above situation.

- It was not long ago that Kozimjon Komilov was re-elected as the Supreme Court chairman. So how to understand this positional change?

Rasul Kusherbayev:

- This change was news for me personally. Honestly, when Kozimjon Komilov was re-elected two months ago, I was no longer interested in changes in this area. I had an opinion that things should go on as before.  It was a kind of unexpected step.

Of course, I don’t have the exact facts on this, but I think it is directly related to the recent changes in the top management. In any case, we are trying to look for a more positive meaning from this change, not a bad one. In a short period of time, we can see how well the expressed thoughts and expectations will be justified.

Abdurakhmon Tashanov:

- The last two months have been a period of change for us. The constitutional reform, events in Karakalpakstan and, in general, the question of how to talk to people, what to say to them, what should happen to their rights arose. This question made the government very alert.

Based on the results of the monitoring conducted by our small NGO, I can say that people are extremely angry and dissatisfied with the work of the courts. I was even surprised that Kozimjon Komilov was elected for the third term two months ago.

The dismissal of this man was on the one hand unexpected and on the other hand, it was expected, because the scale of protest was very big.

I would like to reiterate, Komilov was wrongly elected at that time. People expected at that time that Komilov would be fired and changes would begin. Unfortunately, there was no change. There is a saying: “Better late than never”. Here, the current changes have pleased us as well as many others. Otherwise, the industry would be rife with serious grievances.

Jakhongir Mutalipov:

- If you remember, in 2017, the President gathered all the judges and held a big meeting. Even at that time, Komilov’s work was evaluated as unsatisfactory. The President said to him then: “I know all the things you are doing, you are dishonest”. 

The court is in a very dissatisfying state today.

Also, bringing citizens to administrative responsibility was not considered a case in courts. The idea that the courts have responsibility for this and that they can answer tomorrow has disappeared. The court will be conducted online, the accused will not be heard, that is it, you will be imprisoned for 15 days. People are fed up with these cases.

The judge’s duty is to listen to the opinion of the accuser and the defense and make a conclusion depending on whose evidence is strong and correct. He has to carefully examine all the evidence to find someone guilty.

I don’t know what kind of court it will be if the information written by one precinct supervisor is passed in the court.

I think that one of the reasons for the events in Karakalpakstan is the current situation in the courts. This is the social mood. And the social mood is shaped by the court. 

Komilov, I think, must have been warned a lot. Because leaders are not interested in people’s discontent. But in the last two months, the situation in the courts has worsened, not improved.

To be honest, even two months ago I expected Komilov not to be elected. Now his dismissal is probably one of the tactical moves.

Walk on the street now and ask anyone, people are unhappy with the court.

One can watch the full interview in the video above.

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