20:20 / 22.08.2022
Chamber of Commerce and Industry to be completely altered 

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said in an open dialogue with entrepreneurs that the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its regional divisions will be fundamentally changed. 

Henceforth, they:

  • ꞏ will bring together district and city entrepreneurs and will be practically engaged in identifying the problems and issues that are bothering them;
  • ꞏ will organize business training schools based on advanced methods in every district and city;
  • ꞏ will have the authority to make submissions to the governor and other regional leaders whose consideration is mandatory;
  • ꞏ will hold critical discussions with the local council and governors at least twice a month.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be given authority to:

  • submit to the government an issue whose consideration is mandatory;
  • file an application to the Supreme Court and file an appeal on the reconsideration of court decisions on economic, administrative and criminal cases for the benefit of the entrepreneur. 

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be completely out of the government’s conjugation, the President said.

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