SOCIETY | 12:17 / 24.08.2022
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Individuals tried to smuggle over $2 million out of Uzbekistan (video) 

A large amount of money was found in the cars of citizens heading to the border with Kyrgyzstan.

Photo: Frame from video

The State Security Service prevented an attempt to illegally export a large amount of foreign currency out of the country, UzA writes.

In particular, two brothers living in the Kasansay district of Namangan region were stopped on their way to the Uzbek-Kyrgyz border. $1.8 million was found in their car, hidden in three bags.

The State Security Service continued operative activities in order to identify persons supplying currency values. So another businessman from the Kasansay district was detained. $167.1 thousand was found in his Malibu car.

As a result of operative activities, it was possible to stop the illegal export of $2 million from Uzbekistan.

Currently, criminal cases have been initiated on these facts. Investigative actions are underway.

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