11:52 / 30.08.2022
Over 50% of working people in Uzbekistan earn less than 2 million soums per month

The number of personal income taxpayers for the year increased to 5.3 million people. Most of them receive a salary of up to 2 million soums.

Фото: KUN.UZ

The Ministry of Finance has published the “Preliminary Results of the Execution of State Budget Revenues for the First Half of 2022”.

According to the report, personal income tax brought the state budget 11.3 trillion soums in revenues during the reporting period.

As of June, the number of personal income taxpayers amounted to 5.3 million people, of which 34.6% were employees of budgetary organizations, 65.4% - non-budgetary organizations. During the year, the number of taxpayers increased by 427.3 thousand people.

According to the Ministry of Finance, taxpayers earn the following wages:

  • 1.77 million people receive up to 1 million soums (33.6%);
  • 1.19 million - from 1 million to 2 million soums (22.6%);
  • 1.08 million - from 2 million to 4 million soums (20.5%);
  • 1.23 million - from 4 million soums and more (23.4%).

Reportedly, the number of taxpayers receiving a salary of 4 million soums and more has significantly increased over the year – from 877.7 thousand to 1.23 million people.

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