19:38 / 02.09.2022

Uzbekistan recognized as safest country in Central Asia

Uzbekistan was recognized as the safest country in Central Asia by the Global Peace Index rating. 

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This index was calculated for the first time in May 2007. It was the first attempt to include the countries of the world in the rating of life safety. 

The author of the idea is Steve Killele, an Australian businessman, who was especially liked by the Dalai Lama and former US President Jimmy Carter. 

The Global Peace Index rating is developed annually by sociologists and economists of the international expert group of the Institute of Peace, together with the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney. 

To compile the final index, experts study the following indicators: internal and external conflicts, their intensity and the number of victims; relations with neighboring countries; the share of refugees among the population; level of distrust among citizens; political instability and public order; political terror; frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks; the number of murders per 100,000 people; the number of prisoners; serious crime rate; number of law enforcement officers; the share of military expenditures in GDP; import and export of weapons; participation in contingents of the UN or other forces; the presence of firearms and the amount of heavy weapons; modernization of the armed forces.

As of 2022, Afghanistan is in last place among 163 countries included in the ranking. Russia is in the 160th place (Ukraine, where the Russian armed forces have been conducting a special military operation for six months, is in the 153rd place). All three countries are among the most dangerous countries. 

As the safest country in Central Asia, Turkmenistan was ranked 104th, Kazakhstan - 97th, Tajikistan - 92nd, Kyrgyzstan - 91st and Uzbekistan - 86th. 

It should be noted that all Central Asian republics are safer than countries like Israel, the USA and Turkey. 

Iceland, New Zealand and Ireland occupied the TOP-3 positions of the rating.

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