17:50 / 07.09.2022
Child ran away from a kindergarten, drowned in a river in Fergana region

On July 21, an accident occurred in the Uzbekistan district, Fergana region. As a result, a four-year-old boy of the kindergarten No. 23 died. The incident occurred due to the careless and negligent attitude of employees to their work.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Preschool Education, as soon as this information was received by the department, a comprehensive check was immediately initiated by a special order of the Minister in order to clarify all the circumstances.

“This check revealed gross violations in the professional activities of the personnel of this organization,” the press service emphasized.

On July 21, at about 08:30, a four-year-old boy was brought to a preschool educational organization by his older sister. Due to the careless and negligent attitude of educators and the department head, the child left the kindergarten territory without permission and ran after his sister. Not far from his home, he slipped, fell into the Sobirjon River and drowned.

During the verification by the working group, it was found out that the child left the organization territory without permission, but the kindergarten staff hid this fact from higher authorities and did not draw any conclusions from this.

Given the above facts, the careless and negligent attitude of educators and the head of this kindergarten led to the death of the child, also, a number of other violations in the organization of the activities of kindergarten No. 23 were identified. All collected materials were submitted to law enforcement agencies.

Consequently, law enforcement agencies initiated a criminal case against all officials and other employees of this preschool educational organization under Articles 167 (theft by embezzlement) and 116 (improper performance of one’s professional duties) of the Criminal Code. Pre-investigation measures will be carried out in the near future.

Reportedly, the perpetrators will be punished. All possible measures will also be taken to prevent such cases in the system.

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