18:44 / 23.09.2022
Passenger car sales grow significantly in Uzbekistan

The Center for Economic Research and Reforms evaluated the activity in the automobile market of Uzbekistan. 

Photo: UzAuto Motors

The center’s analysis showed that the demand for cars is currently quite stable, and the activity that began in January of this year continues the upward trend. In August, there was an increase in interest in buying a car, which is due to changes in exchange rates and an increase in the desire of consumers to invest their money.

The total number of motor vehicles sold in August this year was 119.3 thousand, which is 16% more than in July. Since the beginning of the year, a significant increase in car sales has been recorded in all regions of the country. The highest growth rates were observed in Namangan (44%), Kashkadarya (34%) and Jizzakh (23%).

By the beginning of the year, the total number of cars owned by individuals was 3.1 million, which is 0.28 million more than last year. On average, there are 87 cars per thousand permanent residents of Uzbekistan. According to statistics, one out of every 12 people in the country owns a car.

The largest number of cars are registered in the city of Tashkent - 525,028. After the capital, the most registered cars are in the Samarkand region (392,475), Tashkent region (324,154) and Fergana region (325,009). By regions, the least number of registered passenger cars belonging to individuals was recorded in Syrdarya (68,278), Jizzakh (90,860) and Navoi (97,439). 

In August, 98,000 cars were sold on the secondary market, which is 21% more than last month. At the same time, the second-hand car market grew by 2.2 times during the year.

Sales of domestically produced new cars in August amounted to 17 thousand and decreased by 7.5% compared to July. At the same time, compared to August 2021, the sales volume increased by 1.8 times. It was noted that the number of contracts for the sale of new motor vehicles produced abroad amounted to 1.8 thousand, and this indicator increased by 38% compared to last month, and by 1.8 times compared to August last year.

Such a sharp increase in sales of foreign-made cars is explained by the reduction of customs duties for imported cars starting from May this year.

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