16:16 / 28.09.2022

Individuals carrying counterfeit money detained in Tashkent region

It was found out that counterfeit money totaling 8,350,000 soums was in the car belonging to the citizens.

Photo: PGO Department

In an operative event held by the Bostanlyk district PGO Department in cooperation with the DIA, when the cabin of Lacetti car driven by citizens M.A. and Yu.M. was inspected, it was found that there were 52 counterfeit bills of 100,000 soums, 19 pieces of 50,000 soums and 11 pieces of 200,000 soums, which were confiscated as material evidence, the Information Service of the PGO Department for Combating Economic Crimes reported.

On the above fact, a criminal case has been initiated under Article 176 of the Criminal Code (forgery of money, excise stamps or securities, their transfer). Currently, an investigation is underway.

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