13:22 / 27.10.2022

Pharmacies to be fined for overpricing medicines

The overpricing of medicines will be detected using a mobile application.

Photo: Uznews

Recently, the President signed a decree on providing the population with quality medicines, UzA reported.

According to this document, starting from May 1, 2023, public control is being introduced in the retail trade of medicines.

In particular, receipts issued by the pharmacy for the purchase of medicines will be compared with retail reference prices. True, for this it will be necessary to scan the QR code of the receipt in the mobile application of the tax authorities. If the information about the overpricing of medicines is confirmed, then it will be sent to the appropriate body involved in the protection of consumer rights.

Based on the results of the audit, a pharmacy that has overstated the prices of medicines will be fined.

It is noted that failure to indicate in the receipt the full amount of purchased medicines and medical products is recognized as a violation of the legislation on the rules of trade or the provision of services.

The Agency for Developing Pharmaceutical Industry was instructed to introduce an information system for accounting and control of pharmaceutical products by March 1, 2023, which provides for processes ranging from the production of medicines to the results of their consumption.

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