14:10 / 05.11.2022
Mechanisms of various options for working hours being introduced

The President signed the Law “On Approval of the Labor Code”.

Photo: 123RF

According to the deputy of the Legislative Chamber, Nodir Tilavoldiyev, the new Labor Code introduces the responsibility of the employer for delayed wages (in the amount of 10% of the refinancing rate for each day of delay), the termination of labor relations at the initiative of the employer in connection with the achievement of retirement age by the employee is excluded, the amount of severance pay is differentiated depending on the length of service with the employer.

The mechanisms of public control are reflected in the process of consideration of labor disputes. Individual labor disputes will be resolved in commissions or in court, the transfer of individual labor disputes to a mediator will be introduced, and a system of labor arbitration will be created. Opportunities for alternative dispute resolution have been expanded, and the amount of work in courts has been reduced. Legislation regulates the work of certain categories of workers.

The employer introduces mechanisms for determining various working time options (shift work, flexible working hours, dividing the working day into parts, etc.). Simplification of labor legislation in micro-firms, individual entrepreneurs, a significant expansion of the grounds for concluding a fixed-term employment contract for employers, regulation of the conduct of internal audits and dismissals by the employer, will create additional convenience for employers in the conduct of their activities.

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