19:16 / 18.11.2022

Officials embezzle 27 billion soums worth of budget funds in field of sports

Employees of the prosecutor’s office studied the targeted spending of budget funds allocated to sports institutions from 2019 to 2021.

Фото: KUN.UZ

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, embezzlement in the amount of 27 billion soums was detected in 464 sports institutions across the country, of which 10 billion were recovered.

In particular, in 20 cases, the waste of 8 billion soums was revealed in regional sports institutions, which were unreasonably accrued as salaries and various allowances.

So, for example, the chief accountant of the Fergana Olympic Reserve School accrued a salary of 4.3 billion soums, as a result of which the funds were unreasonably squandered.

In addition, in 25 cases facts of embezzlement of budgetary funds in the process of construction and repair of sports facilities were established. In total, 10 billion soums were misappropriated.

It also turned out that in the course of holding tenders for the repair of sports facilities, 72 cases of corruption were allowed.

For example, in the tender for the repair of the Bukhara College of Olympic Reserve, the winner was citizen B.K. - the founder of all four companies participating in the tender.

In 8 institutions, sports equipment was purchased at inflated prices, as a result of which 4.2 billion soums were wasted.

Along with this, in 10 cases, falsification of documents on unconducted training sessions was established, for which 4.3 billion soums were allocated from the state budget.

In total, 1,150 acts of prosecutorial supervision were issued in cases of violations, the rights of 431 persons were restored, and 66 criminal cases were initiated.