14:18 / 10.01.2023
Two people beat an ambulance doctor in Surkhandarya (video) 

While one citizen was arguing with the doctor, another one came from behind and hit the doctor in the face.

Photo: Frame from video

Earlier, a video of a man arguing with an ambulance doctor, and another citizen beating the doctor, was circulated on social networks. The Information Service of the Surkhandarya regional DIA provided information about the situation.

Allegedly, it happened on January 9 of this year at 14:30. Citizen Sh.Kh. hit F.J., who works as a doctor in the medical association of Boysun district, located in “Kosiblar” mahalla. As a result, the doctor fell to the ground with injuries.

During the investigation, a medical examination was appointed against Sh.X, Sh.Kh. and F.J. According to the conclusion of the expert, injuries of F.J. were assessed as “light” injuries.

In connection with this situation, a criminal case has been initiated against Sh.Kh. and Sh.X. under paragraph “b” of Article 277-2 of the Criminal Code. An investigation is underway.

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