15:34 / 14.01.2023
Tax Code on self-employed citizens may be amended 

The draft law “On amendments to Article 408 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, prepared by the State Tax Committee, has been published.

A norm is being introduced under which self-employed citizens receive a 30% discount on the amount of the established payment, if payment is made within 10 days from the date of registration.

In total, in the republic in 2022, 256,705 self-employed people paid 65,351.7 million soums of social tax. In case of using the proposed deduction, the budget will not receive social tax in the amount of 19,605.5 million.

According to the draft document, it will serve to reduce unemployment and informal employment.

It was noted that the adoption of the project will not require additional costs from the state budget of Uzbekistan.

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