14:09 / 19.01.2023

Uzbekistan to produce medicines for treatment of oncological diseases 

Within the framework of Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s state visit to Singapore, two pharmaceutical agreements were signed, the press service of the Health Ministry reported.

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It was reported that a pharmaceutical enterprise producing immunobiological drugs with a total value of $49 million will be opened in cooperation with the Singaporean Meinhardt Group company, which is establishing the Design and Engineering Center. 

In accordance with it, the following drugs used in the prevention and treatment of diseases will be prepared in Uzbekistan:

ꞏ vaccine, anatoxin, probiotic and eubiotics;
ꞏ immunoglobulin and immune sera, monoclonal antibodies obtained by genetic engineering;
ꞏ immunomodulators (interleukin, interferon, thymus hormones, myelopeptides, tumor necrosis factor, growth factors, etc.) used in immune correction, treatment and prevention of immune deficiency.

In addition, it was agreed to implement a $100 million project with the Uzbekistan-Singapore investment enterprise, which is being opened in cooperation with CPG International, to create a biopharmaceutical complex that produces drugs based on stem cells.

Due to the implementation of the project, an opportunity will be created for the production of biopharmaceuticals used in the treatment of oncological diseases, bone tissue transplantation, and the restoration of cells of the central nervous system.

It should be recalled that in 2019-2021, the presidential decree on measures for the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic was adopted, and it was determined that the development of drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases would be organized in Uzbekistan.

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