14:36 / 24.01.2023

Uzbekistan to establish public control over the work of internal affairs bodies

On January 20, the presidential decree “On additional measures to transform internal affairs bodies into a pro-people professional structure and direct them to work in closer cooperation with the population” was adopted.

Photo: Kun.uz

According to the document, in order to create a system of public control over the activities of the internal affairs bodies, public councils will be established in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its regional divisions, which are considered to be a consultative body consisting of scientists, veterans and journalists.

The following are defined as the main tasks of public councils:

•  implementation of public control over compliance with the requirements of legislative documents in the activities of internal affairs bodies, studying social opinion in the field;
•  taking measures to ensure that social opinion and community interests are taken into account during the development of draft legislative documents regulating the activities of internal affairs bodies;
•  studying in detail the appeals posted on the Internet and social networks regarding the cases of corruption in the activities of the internal affairs bodies and communicating its results to the general public.

The document is published in the national database of legislative information and entered into force on January 21.

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