17:39 / 26.01.2023

Energy Minister Mirzamakhmudov comments on gas agreement with Russia

Photo: Gazeta.uz

The Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan Jurabek Mirzamakhmudov commented on the roadmap developed with Russia on the issue of gas imports.

“The roadmap provides for measures to import natural gas from Russia. That is, we will study the technical conditions, and then, based on technical capabilities, if we agree on commercial prices, we will consider gas imports from Russia.

After gas enters the pipeline, we distribute it to all consumers – residents and industrial companies. Yesterday we gave explanations to journalists and showed the main content of the document. It does not mean privatization or management of the gas transport system.

Earlier, for example, I talked about gas coming from Turkmenistan to China. There is a Coordination Commission in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China and Kazakhstan, which jointly works out all the technical possibilities,” the minister said.

It should be reminded that on January 24, the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan and the Russian company Gazprom signed a “roadmap” on mutual cooperation. As the Uzbek side did not make a single comment in this regard for almost a day after the signing of the document, serious concerns arouse among the public. In particular, there were speculations in social networks that the country’s gas transport system would be entrusted to Gazprom.

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