11:28 / 02.02.2023

United States imposes sanctions on Russia-related citizens of Uzbekistan

There are 2 citizens of Uzbekistan on the new list of sanctions.

Photo: REUTERS/Brian Snyder

The U.S. Department of Finance has introduced additional sanctions against individuals and legal entities associated with Russia. The black list includes citizens of Singapore, Latvia, Cyprus, Israel, Russia and Uzbekistan.

In particular, there are 2 citizens of Uzbekistan in the list. They are: Gilad Piflaks (born in Tashkent in 1992, has the citizenship of Uzbekistan and Israel) and Maks Borisovich Piflaks (born in 1962, has the citizenship of Uzbekistan, the head of Mateas Ltd., founded in Cyprus in 2002).

Other people on the list:

- Marks Blats (Latvia);
- Serena Bee Lin (Singapore);
- Igor Palnichenko (Cyprus);
- Alexander Volfovits (Cyprus, Israel);
- Ariel Volfovits(Cyprus);
- Stanislav Volfovits (Cyprus, Israel);
- Igor Zimenkov (Israel, Russia);
- Natan Zimenkov (Russia).

List of legal entities:

- Asia Trading & Construction PTE LTD (Singapore);
- DES Defense Engineering Solutions LTD (Israel);
- Elektrooptika SIA (Latvia);
- GBD LTD (Cyprus);
- GMI Global Manufacturing & Integration LTD (Cyprus);
- Kliosa LTD (Cyprus);
- Mateas LTD (Cyprus);
- Pitaron LTD (Cyprus);
- Terra-AZ LTD (Cyprus);
- Texel FCG Technology LTD (Israel);
- U-Stone LTD EOOD (Bulgaria);
- VFC Solutions LTD (Cyprus).

The U.S. Treasury Department says that the above is a “global network” of individuals and entities who evaded sanctions in order to support the Russian military-industrial complex (MIC), Kommersant wrote about it.

“Russia is trying to use “puppets” to bypass U.S. sanctions. These desperate attempts show that sanctions have made it much harder and more expensive for the Russian military-industrial complex to resupply Putin’s war machine,” the U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo.

The U.S. Treasury considers Igor Zimenkov as the head of the “Zimenkov network”, an “arms dealer” with Russian and Cypriot citizenship. According to the Ministry, some people in his family support the sanctioned corporations “Rostech” and “Rosoboronexport”.

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