12:47 / 27.02.2023

Officials of “Uzavtoyulbelgi” enterprise looted about 3 billion soums

Law-enforcement agencies have discovered illegal situations in the activities of the state unitary enterprise “Uzavtoyulbelgi” under the Committee of Automobile Roads, UzA reports.

In accordance with the decree “On measures to further improve the road safety system”, “Uzavtoyulbelgi” is exceptionally allowed to conclude contracts for the purchase of products through the best offer with local and foreign organizations without holding tenders.

However, in 2021-2022, the enterprise’s officials signed 21 contracts with 5 local LLCs they know, worth a total of 9 billion 193 million soums. They bought from them the products used for making and painting road signs at higher prices than the free market prices and looted the budget funds in the amount of 2 billion 701 million soums.

In connection with this fact, a criminal case was initiated against the officials of “Uzavtoyulbelgi” SUE and 5 LLC.

In February 2022, the president criticized the fact that more than 2,000 traffic intersections and 9,500 pedestrian crossings were not equipped with traffic lights or other means. At that time, it was said that the “Uzavtoyulbelgi” monopoly would be terminated in order to eliminate the problem with road signs.