12:48 / 25.03.2023

Uzbek scientists develop a drug that can cure up to 99% of oncological diseases

The drug for cancer patients is several times cheaper than its American counterpart.

Photo: UzA

Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ilhom Sadikov, in an interview with UzA, said that in June last year, domestic scientists registered and put into production a new drug that is effective in treating cancer.

It is noted that in the United States, an analogue of this drug costs about $70 thousand, in Europe – about $25 thousand. Domestic scientists have arranged the supply of this drug to 3 oncological clinics of the republic at $1.5 thousand per dose.

The expert noted that this drug was created in 2018 abroad, however, Uzbek scientists have improved the technology for the production of the drug, thanks to which it has become 10 times purer than that of other foreign manufacturers.

Pictures of 4 patients whose body is covered with cancer metastases (on the left) and after treatment with lutetium-177 PSMA-617 for 2-3 months (on the right).

“The preparation “Lutetium-177” consists of a radioisotope and a protein substance attached to it called “Antigen-617” with a prostate-specific membrane. This protein substance acts as a vehicle that delivers the “Lutetium-177” radioisotope to areas of the body where there are cancer metastases. The radioactive isotope “Lutetium-177” penetrates into cancerous tumors and burns tumors with its radioactive radiation. Since the distance of these beams is 1-2 millimeters, they absorb the tumor from the inside and do not have a harmful effect on the surrounding healthy tissue. Thus, tumors can be treated without surgical intervention,” Ilhom Sadikov said.

Currently, this drug provides up to 97-99% cure for stage 4 cancer. Doctors around the world rate this drug as a “fantastic result”, which is among the revolutionary drugs.

This drug is a product of research conducted by scientists of the State Enterprise “Radiopreparat”, a subsidiary of the institute and the radiochemical scientific laboratory.

It is noted that this drug is produced exclusively for the domestic market, since its validity period is only a few days.

“We currently produce over 60 radiopharmaceuticals, some of which are highly valued on the global market. For example, 80% of the entire world production of the radioisotope “Iodine-125”, 60% of the isotope “Phosphorus-32” and 60% of “Phosphorus-33” is produced here. Today, 95% of our products are exported. The rest, about 5%, are sold on the domestic market,” the interviewee says.