10:40 / 25.03.2023

Uzbek woman brutally killed by her husband in Turkey

The man allegedly killed the woman by hitting her on the head with a stone, then dismembered her body and put it in a refrigerator.

Photo: Cumhuriyet.com

The incident took place in Bahçelievler district of Istanbul. The crime that caused the death of a citizen of Uzbekistan was committed by a 61-year-old man named Riza Beler.

According to information in the Turkish press, the name of the 40-year-old woman who was the victim of murder is Umida Tulaganova. Allegedly, the couple has been living together for 2-3 years.

In his statement to the prosecutor’s office, Riza Beler stated that he did not regret his actions.

“I hit her on the head with the stone I had brought earlier. She fell, but she was still alive. There was blood everywhere. I cut her hands off. My goal was to dismember the body completely and put it in the refrigerator so that the smell of the body does not come out. But when I couldn’t do it, the next day I bought a saw and cut the body into pieces. I do not regret what I did. I only regret doing it this month. She attacked me suddenly. And I did what I wanted. I did not plan this case in advance,” the criminal said.

Photo: Cumhuriyet.com
Photo: Cumhuriyet.com
Photo: Cumhuriyet.com
Photo: Cumhuriyet.com

According to reports, the man later tried to dispose of the woman’s body, which was wrapped in plastic bags, in various waste containers.

As it turned out, there was a dispute between Riza Beler and the deceased over money for a long time. According to the man’s statement, he borrowed 17,000 lira from Umida Tulaganova, and because he could not return it on time, a quarrel arose between them. A fight was heard in the house, after which the neighbors called the police.

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