11:33 / 25.03.2023

Uzbekistan ranks 54th in the World Happiness Report 

A new edition of the World Happiness Report 2023 rating of the happiest countries has been published. Uzbekistan dropped 1 line in this rating and took the 54th place.

Photo: Kun.uz

When developing the document, experts mainly took into account indicators such as population income, health, social support, employment and level of corruption. In addition, the rating takes into account the presence of civil liberties, security and confidence in the future, as well as indicators of family stability.

It is noted that in 2023, Finland has advanced much more than other countries in terms of indicators. Denmark, Iceland, Israel and the Netherlands are among the top five countries in addition to Scandinavia.

Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg and New Zealand also entered the top ten. Russia took the 70th place, and Ukraine took the 92nd place.

At the same time, Afghanistan (137th place) and Lebanon (136th place) were recognized as the most unhappy countries in the world.

For information, Finland is leading the World Happiness Report for the sixth year running. The remaining positions of the top three remained unchanged (Denmark, Iceland).

In compiling the 2023 ranking, the level of happiness was determined using the 3-year average of 2020−2022.

It should be noted that in the 2017-2021 report of the ranking of the happiest countries, Uzbekistan was the leader among the CIS and Central Asian countries. In 2021, Uzbekistan took the 42nd place, and in the 2022 ranking, Kazakhstan was 13 lines higher than Uzbekistan (40 and 53, respectively), and took the first place in this ranking among the CIS and Central Asian countries.

For five years, Uzbekistan’s position in the ranking was around 40 positions.

The World Happiness Report is compiled annually by the United Nations Office for Sustainable Development. This report and ranking has been published since 2012.

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