17:50 / 28.03.2023

Tashkent city’s chief tax officer and his first deputy demoted in rank

Taxpayers of the capital will be refunded overcharged advance payments on income tax. For shortcomings in work, the head of the Tax Committee’s control department, as well as the head of the Tashkent city department, were dismissed from their positions.

According to the press service of the Tax Committee, employees of the department quickly studied the situation related to income tax in Tashkent, which was previously reported on social networks.

Recently, a corresponding statement was published in the Facebook group “Tax consultants of Uzbekistan”.

“Good afternoon! I sincerely congratulate the entire Tax system on all the holidays! Let the same “partners” take your money from you all just as brazenly as you yourself. Today according to the results of the last period, without quarterly reporting, you have decided to STEAL from the account 22 million soums, and allocate another 8 on the filing cabinet. What a blessing that the rest is a foreign currency and yet it cannot be touched! And where is the support for entrepreneurship! Happiness to you dear “partners”. With such partners, not a single enemy is terrible!!!!”, the message reads.

As a result of the operative study, the following measures were taken:

•  Firstly, the head of the control department of the Tax Committee B. Mukimov and the head of the Tashkent city department O. Lutfillayev were dismissed for shortcomings in their work;
•  Secondly, the head of the Tashkent city tax department Yu. Nasimjanov and his first deputy J. Mirpulatov were demoted in special ranks, and disciplinary measures were applied. Also, as a measure of disciplinary sanction, the head of the Tax Committee’s department for servicing taxpayers Kh. Bazarov was reprimanded;
•  Thirdly, the task was set to fully return to taxpayers the amounts excessively collected from them before 13:00 on March 28 of the current year;
•  Fourthly, the task of conducting an internal audit on these cases in the tax authorities of Tashkent and sending documents to law enforcement agencies based on the results of the audit was entrusted.

The Tax Committee expressed its gratitude to business entities that provided timely information on these situations, and asked them to contact the committee or at dsq_anticorrupciya_bot, regardless of the unreasonably collected amount of taxes for each case recorded in the future.

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