18:00 / 24.04.2023

Silk Avia launching domestic flights; prices of air tickets announced

Silk Avia, the first regional airline of Uzbekistan, will launch its first commercial flights on April 25. Currently, the company with three planes offers flights on 6 destinations within Uzbekistan.

Photo: Silk Avia

The first flights will be operated on the following routes:

Tashkent – Termiz – Tashkent (twice a week);
Tashkent – Navoi – Tashkent (twice a week);
Tashkent – Namangan – Tashkent (4 times a week);
Tashkent – Karshi – Tashkent (4 times a week);
Tashkent – Bukhara – Urganch – Bukhara – Tashkent (5 times a week);
Tashkent – Samarkand – Urganch – Samarkand – Tashkent (7 times a week).

“Although we have three aircraft, we include the most popular destinations in our flight schedule, providing convenient departure and arrival times recommended by tour operators. We tried to connect not only Tashkent with the regions, but also the regions with the capital. After the arrival of new planes, schedules will change and expand,” the press service of the airline said.

In the first stage, tickets of three different tariffs are offered:

•  “Oddiy” tariff: Hand luggage – up to 5 kg (size should not exceed 40x30x20 cm). No checked luggage. The possibility of returning or reissuing the ticket is not available.
 “Oson” tariff: Hand luggage – up to 5 kg. No checked luggage. It is possible to return or reissue the ticket.
•  “Omad” tariff: Hand luggage – up to 5 kg. Checked luggage – up to 20 kg. It is possible to return or reissue the ticket.

It is noted that the price of air tickets starts from 180,000 soums. There is no information about the possibility of taking luggage for an additional fee in the fares that do not include checked luggage.

Silk Avia has announced a promotion in connection with the Ramadan Eid holiday and the start of sales: until April 30, tickets of any fare to all destinations will be sold at the cheapest “Oddiy” tariff – from 17 to 35 euros, depending on the destination, the official report reads.

Tickets can be purchased at silk-avia.com. Kun.uz was interested in the prices of tickets available for purchase on the site as of April 24 at 13:00:

•  Tashkent – Samarkand. On April 26, 27, 28, 29 – 187,860 soums, “Omad” tariff
•  Tashkent – Bukhara. On April 25 – May 1 – 275,528 soums; for the following days – 187,860 soums, “Omad” tariff
•  Tashkent – Karshi. On April 27 – 187,860 soums, “Omad” tariff
•  Tashkent – Namangan. On April 26 – 187,860 soums, “Omad” tariff
•  Tashkent – Termiz. On May 2 – 275,528 soums, “Omad” tariff
•  Tashkent – Urganch. On April 25 – May 3 – 400,767 soums, “Omad” tariff
•  Bukhara – Urganch. On May 2 – 275,528 soums, “Omad” tariff
•  Urganch – Samarkand. April 26-29 – 438,338 soums, “Omad” tariff

The duration of the sale in the first stage is one month. In the first month, market demand will be analyzed, tariff flexibility can be increased. In the future, it will be possible to purchase tickets up to 6 months in advance.

“Our task was to create a low-budget airline that would transport people across the country from point A to point B quickly, reliably and cheaply. Flight time is short – from 1 to 2 hours. There are no meals on board, no bedding, no pillows, no napkins, and no other things that significantly increase the ticket price. We only distribute water in 0.25 liter plastic bottles. In return, we have been able to bring the price of the air ticket closer to the price of the railway transportation,” the air carrier added.

It should be recalled that a new state-owned airline was established under the initiative of Uzbekistan Airports. Silk Avia uses relatively small ATR 72-600 aircraft manufactured in Europe.

According to the presidential decree signed in October 2022, Silk Avia is a low-cost carrier. The company plans to acquire 12 aircraft within 3 years and make up to 216 weekly flights in 54 destinations within Uzbekistan and Central Asia.