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Manager’s 15-year-old son molests girls in a kindergarten 

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It is alleged that the boy, who is in high school, came to the kindergarten, went to the preparatory group and molested 4 girls, forcing them to undress. For some reason, the camera at the entrance to the kindergarten did not work that day. It is reported that the suspect is the son of the head of the kindergarten. One of the affected girls is the daughter of a foreigner. The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that the case that occurred in pre-school institution No. 230 of the Chilanzar district is being studied.

A group of parents whose children go to one of the state preschool educational institutions in Tashkent contacted and reported that an obnoxious story happened to their daughters in kindergarten. According to them, the headmaster’s son, who comes to the kindergarten every day, entered the room where the children were sleeping, frightened the girls, undressed them and molested them.

Currently, the parents have filed an application to the internal affairs authorities about the situation.

“The manager’s husband tried to terminate the case”: the father of one of the girls

“Something bad happened to our child yesterday. When my mom was picking up my daughter from kindergarten, she asked her how her day was. My daughter said that when she was sleeping in the kindergarten, an unfamiliar man entered the room, undressed the girls, touched their genitals with his hand, took off the clothes from two girls and touched them, then went up to her and took off her clothes. She tried to resist, but she wasn’t strong enough. After my daughter, the guy molested another girl. He left the room when the girl started screaming. The kindergarten teacher was not in the room when it happened.

Having learned about this situation, we came to the kindergarten and called the prevention inspector and an employee of the prosecutor’s office. Psychologists also came. According to them, this boy was the son of the kindergarten’s head. He is a high school student. It turns out that he went into the room to feed some child. Who can be fed when everyone is sleeping, they talk about unthinkable things. He is constantly in kindergarten, and they admit it. It is unfortunate that such a situation has developed in a kindergarten, and even in the very center of the capital. My family and I are in shock.

We wrote a statement to the internal affairs bodies, called psychologists. Our application is currently under consideration by the internal affairs authorities. We provided the girls’ clothes to the examination. A psychologist also talked to our children. All four girls tell the same story. The psychologist also spoke to the manager’s son. He didn’t admit he did it. However, to the psychologist’s question: “Won’t you do it again?”, he replied: “No, I won’t”. The psychologist said the girls weren’t cheating and expressed her findings that the boy had molested them.

Another fact: the camera is installed only at the entrance to the kindergarten. There are no cameras inside. When we were in kindergarten, I repeatedly told the prevention inspector that we need to take footage from the cameras at the entrance, see who enters and exits. But while the prevention inspector was getting ready, the camera stopped working.

Then the husband of the head of the kindergarten came, apologized and said that such a situation would not happen again. He asked to close the case at this place. But we didn’t agree with him.

Police officers constantly say they are taking action, but no one takes it seriously. One of the affected girls is the daughter of a foreigner.”

“I have never thought that such a situation could happen in kindergarten”: the mother of one of the girls

“Yesterday, shortly after we brought my daughter from kindergarten, one of the mothers called me and said that a stranger in kindergarten had done such a bad thing. She asked me to talk to her daughter. When I asked her, she said no. Later, they called me again and asked me to go to the kindergarten and said that the prophylactic inspector would also come. I said I couldn’t. Then she told me that my daughter was cheating, and that the boy who molested was older than her. I got scared and immediately took my daughter to the kindergarten. I asked her on the way, but my daughter did not speak.
The prophylactic inspector stood at the entrance to the kindergarten and said: “Go away, don’t talk to anyone, a psychologist will come, you will talk to him. She will tell him what happened”. At that moment, the woman who called me approached us and asked what happened to my daughter. My daughter was silent at first, looking at the ground. At that moment, the teacher ran up to us and also asked if this was so. Then my daughter started crying and said that the boy came into their room, took off her clothes while she was lying, and threatened her not to open her eyes. The teacher began to threaten my daughter, asking her if she could tell all this in the presence of the boy. I left there, asking her not to scare my daughter.

On the same day we went to the police department, and the next day for a forensic medical examination.

Kindergarten teachers who leave children alone create the conditions for such situations to arise. Then it turned out that the boy who did this was the son of the head of the kindergarten. Every day after school he came to kindergarten and calmly walked around the groups. But even if this is the headmaster’s son, a stranger is not allowed to roam around the kindergarten.

Our group is preparatory, the girls are older, and they can talk about this situation. If he does this to the younger ones, they won’t even be able to express their opinion and talk about what happened.

To some, this may seem unimportant. But when I heard this, I was shocked. I have never thought that something like this could happen in kindergarten”.

The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that the case that occurred in kindergarten No. 230 of the Chilanzar district is being studied. Additional information will be provided based on the results of the inspection.

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