08:51 / 20.05.2023

Two officials in gas supply system arrested in Tashkent region

Allegedly, they received a bribe of $8,000 in exchange for not imposing a fine for the excessive compressor equipment installed at the gas station.

Photo: State Security Service

An engineer of the Urtachirchiktumangaz gas supply department of Khududgaz Tashkent gas supply branch M.O. was caught red-handed while receiving $8,000 in bribe.

It is said that he received this money in return for not imposing a fine for the installation of excessive compressor equipment at the CNG filling station belonging to a local LLC.

According to the SSS, during the quick investigation, the engineer transferred this money to B.M., the leading engineer of the Hududgaz Tashkent gas supply branch. It was determined that he received it based on his instructions, and this person was also arrested.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated against two officials under Article 210 of the Criminal Code (bribery), and a preventive measure in the form of imprisonment has been applied.

The operative event was held in cooperation with the staff of the Tashkent Regional SSS Department and the Regional PGO Department for Combating Economic Crimes.

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