13:56 / 15.07.2023

Court verdict on cancelling “Star Med” license temporarily suspended

“Omad Plus” LLC, whose license was revoked after the death of Farhod Mannopov, was dissatisfied with the decision of the court of first instance and filed an appeal. Based on the request of the representative of the clinic, the appellate jury made a decision to suspend the consideration of the case until the investigation of the criminal case against the “Star Med” clinic is completed and the court results are issued.

Photo: Kun.uz

The private clinic where the founder of Mittivine comic project, Farhod Mannopov, died, was previously deprived of its license to practice medical activities, which was issued in February 2021, by a court decision. According to the decision of the Zangiota inter-district economic court on June 2, 2023, the license granted to “Omad Plus” LLC was canceled based on the lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Health.

Spokesman of the Supreme Court Aziz Obidov informed that “Omad Plus” limited liability company was dissatisfied with the decision of the court of first instance and filed an appeal. In the appeal, it was requested to cancel the decision and make a decision to refuse to satisfy the request of the application.

On July 13, an open court session was held within the scope of the case at the judicial panel of the Tashkent regional court on economic affairs. In it, the representative of the defendant addressed the court with a written request: a criminal case has been initiated by the Chilanzar district prosecutor’s office in connection with the death of citizen Farhod Mannopov at the “Star Med” clinic belonging to the “Omad Plus” LLC under Article 116-3 of the Criminal Code (improper performance of one’s professional duties) and currently the investigation is being carried out within the framework of this criminal case. Until the end of the investigation and the adoption of the court decision, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 101 of the Economic Procedural Code (obligation of the court to suspend the proceedings), this appeal was requested to be suspended from the proceedings.

The panel of judges satisfied this petition of the defendant, and proceedings in the appeals court were stopped.

The decision of the first-instance court is not legally binding while the case is being reconsidered on appeal. Therefore, the “Star Med” clinic has the opportunity to continue operating until the appeal is reinstated and considered in court.

It should be recalled that the famous blogger Farhod Mannopov died on the night of March 5, 2023 at the age of 27 in the “Star Med” clinic. A case was opened under Article 116 of the Criminal Code and the operation of the “Star Med” clinic, where he was operated on, was temporarily suspended.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health announced the results of the examination conducted at the Star Med Center clinic regarding the death of Farhod Mannopov. It was said that the anesthesiologist and resuscitator, plastic surgeon, laboratory doctor and ultrasound examination doctor who provided medical services to the patient did not have the qualification category.