13:35 / 22.07.2023

Parliamentary representatives of Uzbekistan and France meet in Paris

The delegation of Uzbekistan headed by the chairperson of the Senate of Oliy Majlis Tanzila Narbayeva paid a practical visit to Paris, the capital of France.

Photo: Senat.uz

The Senate Chairperson met with the Chairman of the French Senate, Gérard Larcher.

During the meeting, issues of further development of relations between the two countries, including strengthening of inter-parliamentary cooperation, were discussed.

The chairman of the French Senate, Gérard Larcher, mentioned with satisfaction the process of fundamental reforms taking place in our country, and acknowledged that the work done by Uzbekistan in recent years on the path of transition to a real market economy and opening to the world is more important than the total work done during all the years of independence.

Emphasizing that France is extremely interested in Uzbekistan, Larcher said: “Uzbekistan is the most populous country in the region – the beating heart of Central Asia. "We consider your country to be the center of security and peace in the region, especially in the conditions of abstraction and unrest observed in the world today”.

Today, cooperation groups with the French Parliament are established in the chambers of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the “France – Central Asia” inter-parliamentary group operates in the French Senate, and the “France – Uzbekistan” friendship group operates in the lower house – the National Assembly.

Tanzila Narbayeva emphasized the importance of more effective use of the potential of cooperation groups, including the need to build the bases of inter-parliamentary cooperation between countries on the principles of law-making, strong parliamentary control and territorial representation. In this place, he emphasized that the establishment of strong relations between the committees of both parliaments responsible for similar issues will ensure the practical effectiveness of this communication mechanism.

The parties unanimously recognized that the two-chamber parliament is an important structural condition for democratic development, and it was emphasized the need to effectively use the mechanisms of representative democracy of the upper chambers in the development of inter-parliamentary relations between the countries.

At the end of the conversation, it was agreed to establish relations between the local authorities of France and Uzbekistan, exchange experience in the field of law-making, as well as constructive cooperation in the fields of green economy, fight against corruption, and ensuring gender equality.

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