14:04 / 04.08.2023

15 children poisoned by cake in a kindergarten in Namangan

It is said that the children were treated at the hospital and their condition improved.

Photo: Kun.uz

On July 25, 2023, 15 pupils of the "Gulshan" family non-governmental preschool education organization in Uychi district, Namangan region, were poisoned by food.

It is noted that the children were admitted to the department of infectious diseases of the district medical association on suspicion of food poisoning due to gastrointestinal dysfunction after consuming perishable products.

As a result of the study, it was found out that one of the parents brought a low-quality cake on the occasion of his child's birthday, and the educator "gave it to the children arbitrarily".

According to the report, necessary procedures were given to the children in the hospital. That day, 13 children were allowed to go home because their condition had improved. 2 children were discharged on July 26, after complete recovery. It is said that all the children are now feeling healthy and have returned to the "Gulshan" family non-governmental preschool education organization.

The Preschool and School Education Department of Namangan region has warned all the heads of state and non-state pre-school education organizations not to bring in perishable products, not to give children various carbonated drinks, to pay special attention to starchy food products. Also, explanatory work has been completely carried out.

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