15:18 / 19.08.2023

Uzbekistan sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Uzbekistan has sent 10.5 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, which included medical supplies and clothing. It was collected by public organizations and Uzbek businessmen.

On August 18, 10.5 tons of humanitarian aid sent from Uzbekistan arrived in Ukraine. The country's ambassador to Uzbekistan, Mykola Doroshenko, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"Today, the chairman of the international society of Ukrainian-Uzbek Friendship, Lyubomir Bashinsky, received 10.5 tons of humanitarian goods collected by representatives of public organizations and Uzbek businessmen," wrote the head of the diplomatic mission of Ukraine.

The cargo sent to Ukraine included medical supplies, footwear, as well as women's and children's clothing. The total value of the aid is estimated at $25 thousand. 

Doroshenko thanked the Uzbek side for the humanitarian aid.

It should be reminded that earlier a group of 45 children from Ukraine arrived in Uzbekistan for rest and rehabilitation.

This project was supported by representatives of Uzbek businessmen and public organizations at the initiative of the country's embassy in Tashkent.

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