09:36 / 15.09.2023

Tashkent region’s kindergarten where children were poisoned temporarily closed

The SanEpid Committee disclosed the details of this case.

Photo: UzNews.uz

Earlier, Kun.uz reported that 18 kindergarten children were hospitalized with diarrhea in Tashkent region and the condition was brought under control.

The Information Service of the SanEpid Committee provided official information about this case.

As it turned out, the infectious disease department of Angren city hospital from 14:00 on September 13 to 21:00 on September 14 received children, who were brought up in the city kindergarten No. 10, as they complained of nausea, vomiting, high body temperature, frequent diarrhea.

24 of them were admitted with the primary diagnosis of “Food poisoning or functional disorder of the stomach”. 7 people were provided with primary medical care and allowed to go home.

It is noted that the SanEpid Committee took samples from the patients who applied to the Department of Infectious Diseases for laboratory tests, as well as from food products stored in the kindergarten warehouse.

“240 students of the kindergarten were completely examined by doctors and placed under medical supervision. The activity of kindergarten was temporarily suspended,” the report said.

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