15:31 / 20.11.2023

Uzbek migrants illegally traveling to the US will be detained – Embassy

The US Department of Homeland Security has informed the Department of State that, effective immediately, citizens of Uzbekistan who unlawfully enter the United States via the US – Mexico border will not be released into the United States and will instead be detained until resolution of their immigration case. 

Photo: AP

The United States is working closely with the Government of Uzbekistan to remove Uzbekistani citizens who have no legal basis to remain in the United States. Removal is being conducted via commercial airlines and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement contracted charter missions, the US Embassy in Tashkent said.

“Illegal migration via the US – Mexico border to the United States is dangerous and expensive. Avoid the false promises of smugglers. Use safe and legal means to travel to the United States,” the statement reads.

Persons who cross the US border unlawfully will be barred from legal re-entry for a minimum of five years. Family members who assist persons to illegally migrate may also be found permanently ineligible for a visa.

“While the United States works with foreign partners to advance secure, orderly, and humane migration processes, it will swiftly remove under Title 8 authority all irregular entrants and non-citizens who have established no legal basis to remain in the United States,” the message said.

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