19:00 / 07.12.2023

ANORBANK & eMaktab launch ambitious project for mentors, schoolchildren and their parents


ANORBANK, together with eMaktab digital education platform, launched a special project for all schoolchildren in Uzbekistan. For good grades, pupils get the opportunity to win valuable prizes. Amal Baymakhanov, ANORBANK Marketing Director, tells about the details.

- It is a well-known fact that a social project should solve certain social problems. What goals are at the head of the project with eMaktab?

- First of all, I would like to note the unprecedented and grandiose nature of the joint project. So far, no one has ever realized such a project in our country. 

The scale of the project can be easily assessed through the statistics of schoolchildren involved in the project. This is more than 6 million students of secondary schools in Uzbekistan connected to eMaktab.

The eMaktab project launched by ANORBANK has several key objectives.

First, it is to support education. The initiative aims to support education and motivate school children. The project aims to create an incentive for pupils to actively learn, strive for knowledge and achieve good results.

Secondly, it is youth development. ANORBANK cares about the future of the younger generation by encouraging their development and successful learning. The project aims to help the younger generation to reach new heights in their studies and personal growth.

Thirdly, it is motivation through encouragement. To stimulate the desire for knowledge, the project offers a system of incentives for students in the form of prizes and drawings. This creates additional motivation in achieving high results in studies.

Fourthly, it involves parents. Through this project ANORBANK also involves parents in the educational process. Parents get an automatic opportunity to exchange points received by their children for coupons and participate in prize drawings.

- Why did you decide to implement the project specifically in the field of school education?

- The project was implemented specifically in the field of school education for several reasons. School years play a key role in shaping students' skills and knowledge.

The project also contributes to the personal growth of students, encouraging active participation in the educational process and the desire to achieve high results. ANORBANK provides an opportunity to win valuable prizes for good grades at school. This creates additional motivation for learning among students.

In turn, parents are also involved in the process of accumulating coupons and participating in the prize draw.

For ANORBANK, participation in such a social project in the field of education is very important, as this initiative is in line with our mission and values, emphasizing our position as a socially responsible organization in the society.

- What is the relationship between business in banking and the education of schoolchildren? 

- The relationship between business banking and schoolchildren's education has several aspects.

Of course, it touches on the issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Participation in educational initiatives is an important part of our development strategy.

The Bank, by supporting educational projects, expresses support for values related to the intellectual development of the younger generation. 

At the same time, projects aimed at supporting the education of schoolchildren also involve parents. The Bank intends to create additional opportunities for financial services for families in the near future. One of the important points to be mentioned is the mandatory condition for parents to participate in the project in the form of having a physical Mastercard ANOR BLACK card and connecting to the eMaktab platform. Simply put, all holders of the aforementioned cards connected to eMaktab can participate in the prize draw.

The bank, by investing in educational projects, can create a positive impact on society while promoting the education and successful development of schoolchildren.

- In your opinion, how will the joint project with eMaktab affect the level of education of schoolchildren in Uzbekistan?

- Of course, the joint project will have a positive impact on the level of education of schoolchildren in Uzbekistan. The project, by offering incentives in the form of prizes, can raise the level of motivation of pupils to study, stimulating their interest in gaining knowledge.

- Many users have a skeptical attitude towards contests on the Internet. Can you tell us how the winners will be selected and how the announced prizes will be distributed?

- Within the framework of the joint project, the selection of winners and distribution of prizes will take place in accordance with the terms and conditions of the project. The detailed offer can be found on the bank's website or on the eMaktab portal.

Here is an example of how it will take place: 

First, there is the collection of points. Students who are connected to the eMaktab system and receive grades of "4" and "5" during each phase of the project earn points. For example, for every "4" a student gets 4 points and for every "5" a student gets 5 points.

Points will then be automatically exchanged for coupons. The total amount of points for each step will be exchanged for coupons. For example, after earning 100 points, a student can receive 1 coupon and his/her parent automatically becomes a participant in the prize drawing. Each coupon provides one chance to participate in the prize drawing, which will be conducted using a random number generator.

At the end of the first stage, a total of 100 prizes will be drawn - 10 Apple iPhone 14 smartphones, 10 Apple iWatch 8 smartwatches, 30 Acer Aspire 3 laptops, 10 Yandex.Station smart speakers and 40 Samsung Tab A7 Lite tablets.

Information about the winners of the draw will be published on ANORBANK's website and social media pages.

A total of 300 prizes will be drawn during the 2023-24 academic year - 100 prizes at the end of each stage. It is important to note that the prizes for each stage may vary. Note that the prizes for the second and third phases will be announced before the launch of these phases through ANORBANK's official channels.

The entire prize draw process is based on transparency and adherence to the established rules, which helps to remove doubts and create trust among the participants. The process of determining the winners will be conducted live on the bank's social media channels.

- Could you share the interim results of the project?

- As of the end of November, more than 4 million parents have received more than one coupon, and the total number of coupons already exceeds more than 14 million. Since the beginning of the joint project, more than 400 million 4's and 5's have been received by our country's students.

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