12:45 / 08.02.2024

National Guard officer and lawyer arrested for bribery in Samarkand

A National Guard officer and an attorney were apprehended in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on charges of bribery. The official and legal advisor were reportedly caught while accepting substantial sums of money in exchange for manipulating legal outcomes in favor of a defendant.

Photo: Samarkand regional press service

The Samarkand regional press service of the prosecutor's office reported that the sting operation was conducted by the State Security Service of the Samarkand region. During this operation, a National Guard officer identified as F.O. was detained. He was caught receiving $1,500, which he promised would positively resolve a criminal case through his influential contacts.

Furthermore, during another anti-corruption operation, a lawyer named Sh.A. was arrested while taking $600 as a bribe to cancel detention measures ruled by the court through his connections in authoritative positions.

Currently, criminal proceedings have been instituted against the implicated parties under Article 168 (fraud) and Article 211 (bribery) of the Criminal Code. Investigations are underway as the authorities aim to bring these individuals to justice while reinforcing the legal system's integrity.

This incident follows another recent apprehension in Samarkand, where an individual was detained for attempting to trade commemorative insignia for cash, indicating ongoing efforts to cleanse the system of corrupt practices.

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