15:08 / 13.02.2024

Diesel fuel prices to drop by 15%

According to Bahodir Siddikov, the chairman of Uzbekneftegaz JSC, in 2024, 680,000 tons of diesel fuel will be supplied to farming enterprises. Additionally, the market prices for this product will be reduced by 15%.

The price of diesel fuel is set to decrease by 15%, and the production will be increased up to 200,000 tons, Bahodir Siddikov, the chairman of Uzbekneftegaz JSC said.

"At a meeting chaired by the president, urgent tasks were set before agriculture. One of the main tasks is to reduce costs. A significant portion of these costs is related to diesel fuel. Uzbekneftegaz has been tasked with supplying 680,000 tons of quality diesel fuel at reduced prices to farming enterprises in 2024. We will ensure the fulfillment of this task. We have planned to produce an additional 200,000 tons of diesel fuel in 2024 compared to 2023.

We are taking all necessary measures to reduce the market prices of diesel fuel by 15%. We will establish new procedures to ensure the quality of this product and its timely delivery. Through this procedure, we will specify the separate responsibilities of the central apparatus of Uzbekneftegaz and oil depots, as well as those responsible at fuel stations that serve farmers," said Bahodir Siddikov.

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