14:08 / 28.02.2024

Bukhara lawyer detained for receiving $100,000 in bribe

SSS caught the lawyer of the law bureau in Bukhara red-handed when he received $100,000 from a businessman within the framework of a criminal case in exchange for relief through his acquaintances at the prosecutor’s office.

Photo: Frame from the video

The State Security Service put an end to the illegal actions of the lawyer in Bukhara.

At an operative event held by employees of the Bukhara regional SSS Department, the lawyer of the law bureau in Bukhara, within the framework of the criminal case instituted against a person engaged in business activity under Article 167-3, Paragraph “a” of the Criminal Code, promised to provide relief through his acquaintances in the prosecutor’s office and demanded $100,000 in return. He was caught red-handed while receiving the funds.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated against the above person under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code.

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