14:58 / 08.04.2024

Russia’s sugar export restrictions won't affect Uzbekistan — Ministry of Agriculture

98% of raw sugar imports come from Brazil and India. Sugar reserves are sufficient for four months.

The Ministry of Agriculture has responded to social media reports claiming that Russia is limiting sugar exports until August 31.

The Republic's annual sugar demand is between 650,000 and 700,000 tons. Meanwhile, the annual production capacity of the two major enterprises, Angren Shakar and Xorazm Shakar, exceeds 900,000 tons, which is more than enough to meet domestic market needs.

"The export limitation of sugar by the Russian Federation will not cause a deficit in the domestic market of Uzbekistan because the operation of large sugar factories in the Republic is not connected with Russia, and in 2023, raw materials were mainly imported from Brazil and India, totaling 762,000 tons (98% of sugar)," the Ministry of Agriculture reports.

Currently, the two large sugar factories are placing 2,100 tons of their products daily on the domestic market, from which, on average, only 300 tons are sold at the exchange. The Republic has stored sufficient sugar reserves for four months. Moreover, raw materials continue to be received from Brazil.

"If the import of finished sugar products from not only Russia but also other countries is restricted, local companies can fully satisfy the domestic demand," the ministry notes.

In March, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia advocated for a temporary embargo on sugar exports to fulfill commitments for sugar shipments to Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) partners and to ensure stability in the domestic market.

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