09:26 / 20.05.2024

Lacetti car plummets from TAPOiCh bridge in Tashkent, three people hospitalized

The accident occurred on an overpass near the former TAPOiCh plant, three people were injured. The traffic police department released details of the incident.

Photo: Frames from the video

A video has circulated on social networks in which a Lacetti car flew at high speed from the overpass of a three-level interchange near the former TAPOiCh plant.

According to the press service of the capital’s traffic police department, the incident occurred on May 18 at 22:40 on Makhtumkuli street, Yashnabad district.

It is specified that the driver of the Lacetti car was D. M., born in 2003. He also collided with a Monza car driven by S.O., born in 1998. However, whether this was before or after the fall from the overpass is not specified.

As a result of the accident, the driver and two passengers of the Lacetti received various injuries and were hospitalized.

On this fact, an investigation is currently underway.

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