08:58 / 23.05.2024

Hundreds of trucks stuck on Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan border   

It is noted that truck drivers from Turkmenistan have not been able to enter Uzbekistan for more than a month. 

Photo: Vladimir Tretyakov

Drivers who are citizens of Turkmenistan are unable to obtain the visa required to cross the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan border. The problem started in mid-April, LogiStan reported

Allegedly, more than 500 heavy trucks have gathered in the territory of the “Forob” checkpoint on the border of the two countries due to the refusal to issue visas.  

It is said that the problem was caused by an imbalance in the formalization of the documents of the carriers of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. It is noted that on average 700-900 dollars are charged from Uzbek drivers in Turkmenistan, and 200 dollars are charged from Turkmen drivers in the territory of Uzbekistan. It is noted that obtaining insurance for Turkmenistan is also expensive – 100 dollars, and insurance for Uzbekistan is 15 dollars. In addition, filling out a new CMR form in Turkmenistan costs $200, a route map – $200, and a GPS device – $20. There are no such fees in Uzbekistan. 

As noted by LogiStan, the time frame for solving the problem is unknown. 

“Ashkhabad and Tashkent are conducting negotiations, but at the moment the diplomats are unable to reach an agreement,” the report reads. 

It was noted that the issue of simplifying procedures for Uzbek drivers in Turkmenistan was planned to be resolved as a result of the negotiations held in mid-April 2024. The documents are ready, all that remains is to sign them. However, the delegation of Turkmenistan rejected it. 

It is noted that drivers from other countries do not have such a problem.

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