19:14 / 24.05.2024

Uzbekistan Airways to launch two new flights to Russian cities in June

From June 16, the company will launch flights from Samarkand to Irkutsk, and from June 24, from Karshi to St Petersburg.

Uzbekistan Airways has announced the launch of two new direct flights from regional airports to cities in Russia.

Starting June 16, air travel will be facilitated between Samarkand and Irkutsk. Flights will be operated on the Airbus A320 each week on Sundays, according to the following schedule:

Departure from Samarkand at 8:15, arrival in Irkutsk at 15:45;
Departure from Irkutsk at 17:45, arrival in Samarkand at 19:50.

The cost of a one-way ticket at the time of publishing the news starts from 2,250,179 UZS, and a return ticket from 3,824,222 UZS.

Additionally, on June 24, the national airline will begin operating the Karshi to St Petersburg flights on Mondays.

Flight schedule (local time for each airport):

Departure from Karshi at 9:35, arrival in St Petersburg at 12:50;
Departure from St Petersburg at 14:20, arrival in Karshi at 21:05.

The price for a Karshi to St Petersburg ticket starts from 2,072,000 UZS and for the Karshi - Saint Petersburg - Karshi route from 3,727,000 UZS.

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