14:33 / 31.05.2024

Companies from Uzbekistan and Latvia eye to increase export of Uzbek IT products to European markets

Today, the visit of the delegation of the management of one of the leading Uzbek IT companies, a resident of IT-Park Uzbekistan – Uzinfocom LLC, ends.

Photo: Dunyo

According to the Embassy of Uzbekistan, during the visit, which lasted from May 27 to 31, a meeting was organized between the director of business development of Uzinfocom LLC, Bakhtiyor Rizayev, and the head of the Latvian company Shipleart, Alexander Petrov. Issues of further development of cooperation in the field of IT technologies were discussed. An agreement was reached on joint promotion of Uzbek products to European countries.

Following the negotiations, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Uzinfocom LLC and the Shippleart company, which provides for the creation of a joint venture in Latvia under the name Uzinfocom Europe, the activities of which will be aimed at promoting Uzinfocom software in Latvia and other European countries, adaptation of products to the conditions of the European market, training and consulting specialists on the implementation and support of Uzbek IT products and other possible Uzinfocom IT solutions in the EU.

Through the newly created enterprise, Uzinfocom products will be exported, including MyID Vision secure identification software, MyID Palm for identification and payment processing, MyID for video analytics, call center automation software and others.