11:19 / 01.06.2024

Asialuxe Travel announces rebranding

Photo: Asialuxe Travel

Asialuxe Travel, major tour operator in Uzbekistan, announces the completion of a large-scale rebranding which was a part of a long-term strategy aimed at strengthening the Company's market position and offering clients with unique and even more inspiring travel experiences.

Major changes introduced

New corporate identity

New style reflects the Company's strive to discover new horizons and create unique routes for adventures.

New website and mobile app

The Company has created a high-tech platform enabling clients to find and book tours easily in a few seconds time.

New destinations and tours

Asialuxe Travel expanded the geographic coverage of its offerings, adding exclusive routes and unique tours.

New service standards

Service standards have been improved so that each client receives attention and care at maximally possible extent at all stages of their journey.

New slogan

Qachon, hozir bo'lmasa?! (“When, if not now?!”) slogan reflects the Company’s philosophy, inspiring people to live life to the fullest, enriching it with impressions and discoveries, without postponing great experiences for indefinite future.

“This is not just a brand restyling and brand repositioning. We have transformed the Company completely, having many internal processes reviewed. Within a year, we have been proactively working on developing the IT core of the Company: we launched a new, improved website and app, completely updated our CRM and ERP systems. Now Asialuxe Travel encompasses a space shuttle, equipped of proprietary developments and best IT solutions integrated. None of the companies of the tourism market in the country has similar IT capacities. This is a remarkable achievement for us revealing new horizons in providing tailored and innovative products and services to our clients”, Farruh Kayumov, Asialuxe Travel CEO, noted commenting on rebranding.

Description of a style

Fonts: Logo employs a reserved style sans-serif font for easy readability and modern visual style.

Colors: Blue and black associated with reliability and professionalism are used for logo design. Blue also symbolizes journeys across seas and skies, reinforcing overall linkages with the Company's activities.

Visual expressions: Graphic element in the Asialuxe Travel logo composed of three undulated lines, demonstrates a modern approach to visual storytelling. These lines can be interpreted various angles, attributing the deep multifaceted meaning to the logo.

•      Ocean waves: At first glance, three undulated lines are seen as waves, so that the logo is associated with sea travel and leisure.

•      Horizon between sky and water: The same very lines can be viewed as the horizon separating the sky and water. This image symbolizes endless opportunities and new horizons that are open for Asialuxe Travel clients. Horizon evokes sensations of freedom and discovery, emphasizing on the Company's commitment to offer emotional adventures enriched with experience of exploring, in addition to trips.

•  Hands protecting tourists: Taking closer look these lines can be considered as the outline of hands, carefully and gently embracing travelers. This visual image conveys the sensation of safety and confidence that is guaranteed by the Company, ensuring protection and comfort to the tourists throughout the entire journey.

SPOILER communications agency accomplished rebranding for Asialuxe Travel.

“The task set for the Agency was beyond creation of a beautiful image, focusing on establishing an emotional connection with the tour operator’s clients. We have developed a communications strategy, corporate identity and visual identity for the Company that efficiently conveys its philosophy, mission and values,” Zumrat Ergashbaeva, founder of SPOILER AGENCY, explained.

The company also announced the launch of a contact center operating under the short number 1111. You can call at any time of day and receive consultations on issues related to travel, ticket purchases, and tour packages, as well as obtain information about existing reservations.

Detailed information on the Company is available at the official website of the tour operator, as well as at the brand’s social media accounts:

Contact Center: 1111

Website: asialuxe.uz/avia

Facebook: fb.com/asia.luxe.travel

Instagram: @asialuxe.travel

Telegram: t.me/asialuxe

Last minute travel offers on Telegram: t.me/asialuxehottours