SOCIETY | 09:29 / 14.06.2024
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Honored artist of Uzbekistan Malika Kayumova dies

Malika Kayumova, who worked in the musical theater named after Mukimi, died at the age of 70.

Malika Kayumova, an honored artist of Uzbekistan, died at the age of 70, the Ministry of Culture reported.

Malika Kayumova was born in 1954 in Tashkent region. In 1976, she graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Theater and Fine Arts. After graduating from the institute, she started his career in the Uzbek drama theater.

Since 1993, she had been working in the musical theater named after Mukimi.

During her creative career, Malika Kayumova performed the roles of the characters in more than 30 plays staged in the theater with high skill.

For example, her roles such as aunt in “Taqdir”, mother in “Devona”, mother in “Fotima and Zuhra”, Kuntugmish in “Alpomish”, mother in “Pari qishloq”, mother in "O‘lding, aziz bo‘lding”, Tekle in “Khonuma”, Khayri in “Toshkentning nozanin malikasi”, Khojar in “Superqaynona-2”, Kumri in “Oy onam-qaynonam”, and quda in “Qizi borning-nozi bor” were highly appreciated by experts.

In 2011, she was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of Uzbekistan”.