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Healthy person placed in a psychiatric hospital in Fergana

This happened as a result of joint actions of the prevention inspector and representatives of the mahalla. After a 3-day medical examination, the citizen was declared healthy. As a result of the consideration of the case by the Ombudsman, the doctor who conducted a medical examination of a citizen without his consent received a penalty.

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In Fergana, a healthy person was placed in a psychiatric hospital, the Ombudsman reports.

It was reported that citizen B.N. appealed to the authorities to take action due to the fact that he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital without his consent and underwent a medical examination. According to the appeal, citizen B.N. was illegally placed in regional psychiatric hospital No. 2, located in the city of Kokand, by a prevention inspector and representatives of the mahalla.

The appeal was taken under control, the situation was investigated by the regional representative of the Ombudsman in Fergana region. At the meeting, citizen B.N. said that he did not sign a letter of consent when he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for examination, but despite this, he was admitted to the hospital and examined for 3 days, and then sent home because he turned out to be healthy.

During the study, the citizen’s words were confirmed. That is, it was established that the consent to treatment received at the hospital appointment was without a signature, despite this, he was hospitalized by doctor A. Jurayev, who admitted him to check his mental state, and underwent a medical examination.

“During the study, it was established that the requirements of Article 24-2 of the Law “On Psychiatric Care” on conducting a mental state check with the subject’s informed consent for examination were violated. After this, the Ombudsman’s conclusion was transferred to the Fergana Regional Psychiatric Hospital No. 2 to bring to disciplinary liability persons who violated the law, and to take appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of such cases,” the report reads.

It was added that the psychiatrist on duty at the hospital, A. Jurayev, was reprimanded for his negligent approach to work.

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