POLITICS | 13:14 / 09.07.2024
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Prosecutor General’s Office reports significant quality issues in construction, initiates criminal cases

In the past period of this year, monitoring activities at construction sites across the republic revealed 338 instances of work worth 25.5 billion UZS being done poorly and 138 instances where reports were inflated by 44.4 billion UZS. Unjustified funds amounting to nearly 2.4 trillion UZS added to project documents have been rationalized.

Photo: Kun.uz

A briefing was held at AIMC with the participation of Mansur Ruzimov, a responsible officer of the Prosecutor General's Office. At the meeting, information was provided about the actions taken regarding the enforcement of legislation in the construction sector.

It was reported that during the past period of this year, monitoring was carried out to ensure the quality of construction and repair work on nearly 11,600 sites and the purposeful use of allocated funds, with systematic control established. The working group of the Prosecutor General's Office conducted investigations in all regions of the republic to effectively coordinate the activities of those responsible for the implementation of programs.

Specifically, as a result of the investigations, nearly 2.4 trillion UZS of funds unjustifiably included in project documents were rationalized. Additionally, during the monitoring activities at the sites, 338 instances of poor-quality work worth 25.5 billion UZS and 138 instances of inflated reports worth 44.4 billion UZS were rectified.

During the control activities in the sector, 79 protests were filed to annul illegal documents. Additionally, 360 submissions were made to relevant agencies to address the violations of the law, and 1,104 individuals were subjected to disciplinary and administrative liability.

It was noted that for the identified severe legal violations, 179 criminal cases were initiated, ensuring the recovery of 90.1 billion UZS in damages and the restoration of the rights of 9,823 individuals.

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