SOCIETY | 17:53 / 10.07.2024
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Uzbekistan to strengthen control over budget funds

In Uzbekistan, it is proposed that the Accounts Chamber conduct an external audit of the execution of the consolidated budget. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev reviewed the proposals to enhance financial control over the expenditure of budget funds.

The current system only covers the expenditure of the budget and target funds through external audits. This accounts for 86% of total expenditures.

"The Accounts Chamber plans to implement the practice of strategic audits aimed at assessing potential risks in achieving national goals and objectives in state programs, as well as IT audits to evaluate the efficiency of software in state organizations," the statement said.

According to the presidential press service, there are currently 30,000 budget organizations and state enterprises in Uzbekistan. Therefore, the Accounts Chamber has launched a "Remote Control Center."

In recent years, significant funds have been allocated for regional development. However, local councils, when discussing the budget, mainly focus on the regional or district level. This results in 65-70% of allocated funds remaining outside their control.

In this regard, it was noted that the Accounts Chamber should discuss the budgetary process not only in the chambers of the Oliy Majlis but also in local councils.

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