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14:18 / 07.05.2016 427

Activities on the Eve of May 9 in Jizzakh region

Participant of the World War II Bozorboy-ota Urolov, who lives in the Madaniyat village of Gallaaral district of Jizzakh region, telling about reigning prosperity in our country, care provided to elderly and conditions created for young people, said that he had never felt such a great sense of pride, as in old age.

‘I've seen a lot in my long life, has gone through tough times.’ – said Bozorboy-ota. ‘Under the age of 18, I went to war. We took part in bloody battles, I was seriously injured and spent many months in the hospital. 30 children from our village went to the war, most of those never returned. Well, it is all behind now. In a free and prosperous country, where reigning peace and quiet, old ages are in joy. When I heard that somewhere in the world there is a war, I feel like my old wounds reopened. Peace is the greatest good. Due to the peace-loving policy of the Head of our state, our people achieve enormous successes and live in prosperity.’

After the war Bozorboy Urolov many years engaged in agriculture. Today, he tries to help the improvement work in rural areas, education of youth in the spirit of patriotism and hard working by sharing his life experiences and giving advices. He often takes part in events held in the high school and college.

On the eve of May 9 - Day of Remembrance and Honors in the house of veteran is crowded as ever. With the participation of children and grandchildren, residents of village, representatives of Public Organizations such as the Fund of Social Support Veterans “Nuroniy”, “Mahalla” Public Charity Fund, Public Youth Movement "Kamolot", in accordance with the decree of the President of our country “On encouragement of the participants of the Second World War,” Bozorboy-ota was given monetary reward and gifts. 

Toshkul Beknazarov, photo by Sherzod Nazarov, UzA