A round table was organized within the framework of the regional fair in the Navoi region devoted to supporting innovative ideas and implementation of development and projects promoting higher rates of economic growth. Agreements on the procurement and sales of new technologies, projects and development were signed between industrial enterprises and organizations, small business and private entrepreneurship entities. 

Students fr om higher educational institutions of all three regions of Ferghana Valley were especially active in Ferghana region, wh ere they presented more than 200 developments. For example, student of the Namangan State University Mirzoulughbek Kholmirzayev had taken part at the exhibitions in Andijon, Namangan and Ferghana. “I wish to draw attention to modern technologies, which enable to save drinking water. We had calculated how much water is spent per person in multi-storied houses in the three regions of the Ferghana Valley. Waste water from washing machines and baths can be reused after its mechanical cleaning. We checked the effectiveness of this process – it is an excellent way for saving drinking water,” he said.

The dialogues at regional exhibitions take into consideration the interests of bоth sides, thanks to which were heard not only the developers, offering development for commercial operation, but also representatives from different spheres of economy who shared their thoughts about their needs.  

The results of the fairs will be summed up in Tashkent in May after completion of the 9th Republican Fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects.

Source: Jahonnews.uz