The Committee on agrarian and water economy issues of the Legislative Chamber discussed the problems of further improvement of legislation in the sphere of rural economy with the participation of specialists, experts, and representatives of the ministries and agencies.

The participants of the meeting noted that radical transformations had taken place in the agrarian sector and improvement in the field of selection activities, introduction of regionalized varieties of cotton and grain crops, as well as mastering modern technologies served the basis for the achievement of positive results.

Expanding the practice of deep processing of raw materials and development of infrastructure for storage of cultivated products provide an opportunity to continuously provide the population with basic types of farm products at stable prices and to increase their export. 

Given that this year optimization of land plots remains an acute issue the MPs noted the need in strengthening the role of commissions, which represent them, and securing the openness of their activities.

Special attention was drawn to reforms on the preservation and rational utilization of water resources. Deputy Minister of agriculture and water economy Sh.Khamroyev provided information on this issue.

Measures on the arrangement of rational utilization of water enabled to reduce the volume of water spent per hectare of land down by more than 42%. The parliamentarians underlined that of major significance were the problems of application of advanced technologies providing an opportunity for more efficient utilization of water resources, expanding the scales of scientific research work on the development of new types of equipment, as well as improvement the provisions of the Law “On water and water use”, stemming from requirements of the time.

Decisions were taken on the issues discussed and urgent tasks were determined for their solution.