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17:07 / 07.05.2016 449

In Tashkent will showcase innovative ideas and developments

In Tashkent, on May 11 IX Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects will start its work, the press service of Uzbekistan's Chamber of Commerce and Industry reports.
The source said that in our country with rapidly developing economies a lot of attention is paid to energy development, including the alternative. A number of these technologies Physico-Technical Institute was created by specialists of NGO "Physics-Sun". The Institute organized the company, which produces energy using solar photovoltaic systems of various modifications, including combined - to produce electrical and thermal energy, as well as the low-potential - for water heating. Among consumers - mostly farmers, cattle-breeding, beekeeping farms.

Its planned to present 600 innovative ideas and developments at the IX Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects.

It is emphasized that this year, in addition to traditional a new direction - "Ecological Technologies", which will include developed by domestic research institutions and universities for more than 50 innovative technologies that ensure the protection, restoration and cleaning up the environment, efficient use of renewable energy sources. For local producers and entrepreneurs will work direction of "High-Tech", where about 30 of the most advanced innovations will be presented. Important industrial enterprises, entrepreneurs and small business will cause the direction of "Energy-saving technologies", which will be on display 50 developments in energy and resource saving. In addition, 70D of young scientists and students will be presented at the next fair.

This event will contribute to the further integration of fundamental, applied science, the development of innovation and production.

Source: Jahonnews.uz