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SCO’s 15th anniversary marked in Shanghai

On 4-5 May 2016, the 15th anniversary of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was held in Shanghai.
Ambassadors of founding members of the SCO - Sh.Nuryshev of the Republic of Kazakhstan, K.Baktygulova of Kyrgyz Republic, A.Denisov of the Russian Federation, P.Davlatzoda of the Republic of Tajikistan, D.Kurbanov of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Deputy Director of the Department of Central Asia and Europe of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Jiang Yan, as well as the Secretary General of the SCO R.Alimov attended the event.

The heads of the diplomatic missions met with the Mayor of Shanghai Yang Xiong. During the conversation it was noted that a modern and dynamic Shanghai has given not only the name to a new type of international organization, but also its best qualities. Keeping pace with the times, the union remembers its history and deeply reveres its origins.

It was stressed that in the framework of it’s SCO chairmanship Uzbekistan is preparing for the anniversary summit in Tashkent and in the capitals of the founding states, special events dedicated to this remarkable date take place in these days.

Ambassadors visited places related to the conducting of the first Summit of SCO member states Heads on 15 June 2001. In particular, they examined the conference halls, in which the organization founding documents were signed, visited historical bamboo pavilion, where was conducted an informal meeting of the leaders of the SCO member-founders.

In the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) took place a meeting with the scientific and expert community of Shanghai, where Secretary-General of the SCO R.Alimov presented on the theme "15 years of SCO achievements and perspectives".

During the meeting with the participation of nearly 200 well-known Chinese scholars and experts in the field of contemporary international relations, ambassadors answered the concerning to the scientific and expert community questions, related to various aspects of the activities of the SCO.

Source:  Uzdaily.com